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Gardening Tips for Beginners

Although most of us spend our Sundays lounging in front of our TV inside our apartments such as seni mont kiara condo kuala lumpur for sale, g residence kuala lumpur property for sale, for sale pantai hillpark bangsar south, then it’s probably time to head outside to your garden.

Along with providing a variety of vegetables to your table, and beautiful flowers to decorate your home, gardening is also known for having many health benefits. Among these include reducing stress, burning calories and controlling high blood pressure. Moreover, gardening provides a healthy dose of vitamin D through sunlight exposure and is also good for your mental wellbeing as it elevates your mood by keeping you focused and engaged.

Now that we’ve convinced you to take up gardening as your next activity, you’re probably wondering on where to begin. But don’t worry! You don’t have to be born with a green thumb to take up gardening. Check out these tips below to get started and soak in all the gardening benefits!

  • Figure Out Your Options
    Before you actually begin gardening, you might want to consider what you want to plant and what it will be used for. For example, if you wish to grow fruits and vegetables for consumption, consider which ones and research on their requirements and whether your environment is suitable for their maintenance. Other examples could include flowers and herbs for fragrance or skincare, consider their blooming period so you are aware of how much nurturing is required, as it can differ for each species. Just be sure to start off simple!
  • Check Your Soil
    The most important step before you actually begin gardening is testing your soil to check the pH level and micronutrients present. You can check whether your soil is acidic, alkaline or neutral by sending it to a garden center or nursery, or you can even purchase a testing kit from a gardening store and test it yourself.

After determining its pH level, it is easier to decide what to plant, and how to treat the soil. You should also check the texture of the soil, as it should not be too hard, and instead should easily fall apart in your hands. You can also improve the fertility of your soil by adding organic matter, such as dead leaves and flowers, or animal manure. Properties such as seni condominium mont kiara and buy property g residence kl for sale.

  • Planting Time
    Decide the best time to plant depending on what you’re growing, and keep in mind the weather as this makes a huge difference. If the weather is windy, then you should start planting around late afternoon, whereas if it’s cloudy then morning time is ideal. Even picking the correct spot matters, so make sure you pick a place where there is enough sunlight.
  • Watering
    Make sure that you tend to your plants by giving them constant and sufficient amount of water, and ensuring that the water soaks through the soil and not only reaches the surface, especially for young plants whose root systems aren’t fully developed as yet. You should also water when it’s not too sunny so that there is enough time for the plant to absorb the water and dry up before evening to prevent fungus and algae from forming.

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